All Mikimoto jewellery can be identified with our trademark, either M or the MIKIMOTO name engraved on every jewel.
This engraved mark is your assurance of the highest standard of quality and integrity.

Pearl Necklace

Is it better to replace the string of the pearl necklace after purchasing?

MIKIMOTO's pearl necklace is made with a special silk thread for your convenience to adjust the necklace at the best position that fits you. However, the thread's tenacity may wear out in time and thus we recommend replacing the thread every year.
For information regarding replacing new thread for the necklace, please contact our store staff for inquiry.


Under normal circumstances, we would help customers to exchange the thread for free (except if any special parts also need to be replaced). The thread exchange process usually takes around 1 - 2 weeks but may vary with the style and condition of the necklace and also for other situations. For further information, please inquire our store staff.


Would it be possible to adjust the size of the ring if it is not right?

Adjustment is possible with fees applied.
Please kindly contact our store staff for this service as the design and the materials of the ring may limit the possible adjustment to be made.


Is the size of the ring common among countries?

The standard notation of the ring size is different in each country.
In Japan, the size is 1 to 27 with each size going up by 1mm longer in circumference and 1/3 mm longer in diameter.
Please note that with the different designs, ring of the same size may not fit exactly the same on finger. We recommend that you try our ring first before you purchase.

Japan United States England Circumference
7Size 4 H 47.1mm
8Size 4 1/2 I 48.2mm
9Size 5 J 49.2mm
10Size 5 1/2 K 50.3mm
11Size 6 L 51.3mm
12Size 6 1/2 M 52.4mm
13Size 7 N 53.4mm
14Size 7 1/2 O 54.5mm
15Size 8 P 55.5mm
16Size 8 P 56.6mm

The diamond or pearl on the ring is becoming loose.

We inlay diamonds, pearls & gems with upmost care but with different storage conditions and ways of wearing, it may be possible for metal to deform or for abrasion to occur, which may lead to the loosening of the gems. Should such situation occurs, please bring your ring to our store for our examining and repairing.


Is it possible to change my previous purchased earring to pierce?

We provide the service to change earring to pierce or vice versa. However, please note that such change would not be possible for every earring / pierce due to the original design and materials.

If I lost one earring, can I just purchase one earring instead of a pair?

Please bring your remaining earring to our shop for us to re-create a new one for you. However, please note that the feasibility for re-creating is decided by the earring's design and materials.

If I lost the catch of the pierce, can I buy a new one from MIKIMOTO?

Please bring your pierce to our shop for us to find you a new catch that would most fit your pierce.


If the chain of the pendant is broken, can I have it repaired?

We will judge whether a pendant can be repaired or not by its materials, design and also the broken point. Please bring your pendant to our shop and we will estimate the fee and time it needs for the repairing.

Can the length of the pendant be made longer?

We can make adjustment to the length of your pendant in various ways. Please contact our store staff for further discussion. However, please note that the length adjustment may be unfeasible due to the special design and also the materials of the pendant.

The fastener of the pendant is not working properly. Can I have it repaired?

The elasticity of the spring in the fastener, which also can be called pull ring, will become weak after continued use. We will be able to repair that for you.


The metal part of the brooch is becoming loose. How may I have it repaired?

After a certain period of wearing, it is possible that the metal part of the brooch may become loose. We recommend that you bring the brooch to us for repairing as soon as problem is discovered as ignoring such issue will worsen the loosening.


My jewellery case has broken. Is it possible to purchase a new one?

A case is provided for each item (or each set) purchased from Mikimoto. It is not possible to exchange or purchase cases after an item has been bought.

The luster and shine of the jewellery that I always wear is subsiding.

Please make an appointment with our store staff regarding our cleaning service. We will inform you the fee and time needed for the cleaning during the appointment.
MIKIMOTO recommends that cleaning needs to be done at least once a year in order to keep the luster of shine of your purchased jewellery.
* Please note that all purchased items from MIKIMOTO cannot be returned, exchanged or for re-buying.